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havoc which residents, but it has forced an awkward pause one night before the election. we have a look of the state of the race and how it has impacted the campaign schedule with jonathan martin. as polls continue to tighten, the race could boil down to not just a handful of swing states but to a handful of counties within those states. >> there is a saying dr. king had that says it is always the right thing. we know we are only about half way to defeating honker. region in h-- walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: as hurricane sandy continues to churn, our thoughts are with those who are dealing with loss of power. it has created an awkward situation with the presidential campaign just days to go. we are grateful jonathan martin joins us this evening. good he is the senior reporter for public ago. thank you for being here. fellowalk about the citizens impacted by this dangerous storm, your sense on how the campaigns navigate these storms. good >> it is a slow rollin
. >> give me your sense of how important beyond this election this voting bloc will become. >> just democracy itself, that means the percentage of overall vote and will be hispanic will continue to grow. how will it break? i do not think it is a democrat did block. i think it is an independent bloc. i think it is winnable for both parties. i do not think immigration we will be talking about in five or 10 years. i think the party that ignores some of these basic issues, education reform is really a major civil rights issue right now. 80% of the students in los angeles public schools are hispanic, so when that system sales, los angeles fails, california fails, but latinos feel this as well. tavis: how important is it to have voices in mainstream media that get a chance to express this view? >> one would be nice. i am struggling. when you look at the sunday morning shows, they are fairly monolithic, and once in awhile you will have someone, but i think that is the issue. we have not had because the moment in the hispanic community. we are still seeing it out of the mainstream to actual
not know anything about that until i started reading it. >> i was in trouble, but i elected to go to this school. i knew i needed to turn things around, and i needed a fresh start. i stole some money from my mom and i just felt so wracked with guilt and horrible about my situation. i don't remember how i heard about this school called poseidon. i wanted to go there. it was a small school for troubled youth. there was only about 30 kids on the campus. there is a therapist on the campus that would talk to the kids one on one, in between classes, and i went there for a year. it really helped me out, it turned my life around. there was also great. teacher there -- a great theater teacher there who turned me on to some great parts of myself. there is a program called 24 street theater with inner-city kids in l.a. it is something that is important to keep in mind. that is a great thing that you are working with the education system to help kids that are struggling. i could have ended up in a much different situation if i did not get some help buy some teachers that cared in a program li
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)